Organic spring dishcloths – Knitted dishcloths

Are you also eager for a spring clean?
Then you must knit your own dishcloth. I have chosen to knit this one in 1005 organic cotton yarn from Cewec. It protects the environment and you can start the year’s cleaning with a clear conscience.

Size: approx. 27 x 27 cm.
Material: Organic Cottonwood Cotton
Consumption: 1 Key per cloth
4 mm stick.
Gauge: 20 stitches in pattern per 10 cm.


Cast on 55 stitches on needle 4 and knit 5 rows.

Now continue in pattern, but knit 3 edge stitches on each side throughout the entire piece.

k1 = knit 1 = knit 1 stitch
2over = slip 1 stitch, knit a stitch and slip the slipped stitch.
2sm = knit 2 stitches together
1om = wrap around sticks
*= what is between the asterisks must be repeated 7 times

  1. *k1, 2over, k1, k1in, k1, k1in, k1in, k1in, k1in, k2tog* k1
  2. Vrang
  3. *k1, 2over, 1om, k3, 1om, 2sm* k1
  4. Vrang
  5. 1right, 1about, 1right, 2sm, 1right, 2over, 1right, 1right, 1about* 1right
  6. Vrang
  7. 1ret * 1ret, 1om, 2sm, 1ret,2over, 1om, 2ret*
  8. Vrang

Repeat these 8 rows a total of 8 times.
Now work rows 1-7, after the 7th row, work from the WS.
Knit 5 rows and bind off loosely.

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Strikkeekspert Stine Øster

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