Putte Poncho Deluxe – Beautiful tweed poncho for kids

The Putte Poncho Deluxe is the successor to the original Putte Poncho. I’ve chosen a completely different yarn for this pattern to create a tweed effect, but as long as you get the gauge right, you can use any yarn you like.

I used Lala Berlin Fluffy and Alpaca Storm from Viking Design. These are two fantastic yarns to work with. In this pattern, I’ve also made the neck more fluffy and not as snug as the original snuggle poncho, and it’s knitted on size 9 needles. There’s nothing better than quick projects

In addition, in this pattern I have chosen to leave the sides sewn together so that the buttons are just for decoration. This makes it a little more useful for outdoor play, as it doesn’t open up at the sides.

Details about Putte Deluxe by Stine Øster – 2-10 Years – Fluffy/Alpaca Storm

Size2-3/4-5/6-7/8-9/10 years
GoalsOverall width: 64-72-78-86-92 cm + edge for buttons
Length: 41-45-49-53-57-57 cm
Material(s)Lala Berlin Fluffy by Lana Grossa
Alpaca Storm from Viking
ConsumptionLala Berlin – 2-4 keys
Alpaca Storm 2-4 balls
Knitting gauge 10×10 cm11 stitches on size 9 needles with one strand of each quality
Sticks9 mm.
Level of difficultyLet

How I came to knit the Putte Poncho Deluxe

The Putte Poncho was originally created when my daughter wanted a soft and airy poncho she could move around in, but the ones available were either knitted in a scratchy yarn or were not exactly what I wanted. Several people had asked if I had anything for children and so I had to take up knitting.

The first Putte Poncho was created in 2016 and has been sold as a knitting kit ever since. Now it’s time for the updated version, Putte Poncho Deluxe, with a different yarn, a new look and not least more luxury. This is the Lala Berlin version, but as I said, it can be knitted in any yarn as long as you stick to my gauge.

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Model: Maja Øster
Photographer: Lennart Øster

Strikkeekspert Stine Øster

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