Little Bandits – Baby Shorts

Little Bandits - Baby ShortsLittle Bandits is a range of stylish baby clothes. These delicious baby shorts fit all the little bandits and are knitted in the delicious milk yarn

Sizes: 0-3 (6-9)12-18 Months.
Width: 23(24)25 cm.
Length: 19(20)21 cm.
Materials Jarbo Skrållan Usage: 3(3)3 Keys
Needles: Jumper needles 2.5 and 3 mm.
Gauge: 32 stitches on 10 cm. in pattern


Row 1: Knit 2 *yarn over, slip 1. Knit 2, slip stitch over the knit 2* repeat from * to one stitch left, knit 1.
2. Purl all stitches
Knit 1 *1 slip 1, knit 2, slip the slip stitch over the knit 2, yarn over. Repeat from * until 2 stitches remain, knit 2.
4. Purl all stitches
Cast on 68(74)80 stitches on a 2.5 mm needle, including 1 edge stitch on each side, knit throughout the entire piece, not included in the pattern.
Work 5 rows of ribbing (knit 1, purl 1)
The next row should have holes for the ribbon ties as follows :
Ch 1, purl 1 * 2 twisted knit together, yarn over, knit 1, purl 1* Ch.
Knit 5 rows of ribbing again.
Change to needle number 3 and continue in pattern, still with an edge stitch on each side.
Work until the work measures 19(20)21 cm.
Now bind off the first 30(33)36 sts and knit 8 sts in pattern and bind off the last 30(33)36 sts, break the yarn.
Knit the 8 stitches back from the WS and cast on 30(33)36 new stitches, knit back and cast on 30(33)36 new stitches on the other side.

You now have the same number of stitches as before you bound off and these are the stitches for the other side of the pants.
Continue working in pattern until the work measures the same as the first side.
Finish with the same edge as on the front (remember the holes for the ribbon in the rib edge) and bind off in the rib pattern.
Now pick up stitches at the leg edge.
Pick up 61(67)73 sts and work 5 rows in rib (knit 1, purl 1) and bind off in rib.
Knit the other leg the same way.

Cast on 4 stitches on a number 3 double-pointed needle and knit 4, do not turn, but slide the stitches back on the needle and knit 4 again, remember to tighten a little so that the cord is tight, continue like this until you think it is long enough. (I made mine about 75 cm.)

Sew the side seams together and thread your tie through the holes.

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